Finishing Strong

by Janice Hampton with Joanne Petrie

When comparing personal goals to a race, there are many followers, but only one winner. If you fall, it takes persistence and courage to get back up, dust off your pride, and get back in the race. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to stay down or quit, rather than bouncing back and finishing strong. There are several ways to recover from defeat and become a strong finisher. One is to surround yourself with positive, encouraging people who can be a lifeline of support and encouragement when you feel like giving up. No matter what happens, or what anyone says, you need to persevere to accomplish your goals. Perseverance is thinking your goals through, and following your plan. There are some key principals to finishing strong:

  • Start doing that which you are avoiding
  • Do that thing over and over again
  • In the morning say, “Good morning God,” instead of “Oh God, it’s morning.”
  • Keep on keeping on, no matter what the obstacles
  • Be positive. Believe in yourself and your dreams
  • Use affirmations and have a “can do” attitude
  • Allow unsuccessful outcomes to make you better, not bitter

There are no shortcuts to a worthwhile goal. You are the only one who can show up for your life every morning. Do the next right thing, and remain committed to your dreams. If your dreams were unattainable, God would not have planted the seeds. Remember, at the very worst, fail while daring greatly. Do not beat yourself up when you fall short of your intended goal because everything you give is just another investment in yourself. None of your effort is ever wasted; it just becomes part of your toolbox of knowledge. All of these failed experiences are merely lessons needed to reach your goals. Success is the result of a willingness to attach yourself to a personal goal emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually until its completion. When you think you are too tired to take another step, ask God to help so he can work through you. If you let go of all your self will, God will refill you with His power, and you will experience a new, revitalized energy.

“Teach us to use time wisely all the time we have.”

Psalms 90:12