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Grief Release DVD Set

Price: $110.00*

Do you know of someone in need of healing in the area of grief and not able to attend one of our classes? Or maybe you have participated in a Grief Release class and would like to continue working on your healing process. This DVD set is a great way of reaching those in need. Includes one Grief Release workbook.

Beyond Grief Release Workbook

Price: $6.50*

Also available is our Beyond Grief Release workbook which follows the Grief Release series. This workbook allows a more in-depth and personal time of working through closures and other grief work. Although this workbook is available, participation in class is highly suggested since the primary focus is interaction.

Grief Release Workbook

Price: $8.00*

Purchase your own copy of the Grief Release workbook. With or without the video/audio tapes, this workbook continues to help you work through your grieving process with weekly projects and other helpful suggestions.

Into the Cave: When Men Grieve

Price: $16.00*
A look at the differences between men and women as they go through the grieving process. This is not a theoretical grief book. It is based on experience and observation by someone who has gone, and is still going, down the path of grief recovery. Hopefully, it will give men and women who read it insight, understanding, and direction.

How to Say Goodbye: Working Through Personal Grief

Price: $16.00*
A practical, compassionate manual based on the Grief Release seminars and classes that have helped thousands recover from the pain of loss. Clearly and simply presented, each chapter takes you step by step through the healing process and teaches you how to embrace life again.

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