What others are saying about One to Another!

Grief Release Classes:

  • “When I was so stuck in my grief you not only were there, but pulled me through to the other side.
  • “Your class has changed me forever! I am a new person who has hope for a fantastic future!”
  • “Completing my ritual in the Beyond Grief Release class was when my real breakthrough came. Amazing seems to be the only word to describe this unbelievable experience.”
  • “I’ve learned so much about myself and am so glad I was able to have you “walk” with me through my grief”
  • “Both the Grief Release and Beyond Grief Release classes have been inspiring and refreshing for me!”
  • This class was so valuable to me. The content, ideas, and the way the materials are presented is extremely helpful. You are a compassionate, caring person and you connect well with your students.”
  • This class caused me to sit down and really think about the losses I have experienced in life so I can move forward.”
  • “I am in the process of allowing myself the time and permission now to really greive each loss and to move forward with new normal.”

  • Friend to Friend:

  • “Her speaking re-energized me along with laughter and tears which is all good!”
  • “You demonstrate the discipleship I believe Jesus has called us to.”
  • “Life giving, precious, loving, joyful, hopeful, helpful, singing”

  • Uninvited Class:

  • “This class has been exactly what I needed. I’ve learned so much from this class!”

  • Journeys of Hope:

  • “The passion of praise and teaching was a light that continues to shine”
  • “I’m so grateful I was able to attend the event today, hearing from all the speakers brought new hope to my life”